MumFit offers a friendly, professional pre and postnatal fitness service to mums and mums to be. We provide specialised exercise, nutrition and wellness advice to women during pregnancy and beyond. Based at a private personal training space in Alderley Edge, Cheshire. We also offer home visits to clients in Alderley Edge, Wilmslow, Mobberley, Knutsford and surrounding areas. We also run friendly yet challenging pregnancy, postnatal and Senior fitness groups in Alderley Edge.

As well as pre and postnatal women we advise ALL women on exercise, weight loss, nutrition, lifestyle, menopause, stress management, mindfulness techniques and more! MumFit is an ambassador for women’s wellness.

We offer 1-to-1 and small group personal training sessions tailored to your particular requirements and goals. We also run friendly yet challenging pregnancy and postnatal fitness classes in Didsbury, Wilmslow and Knutsford (see classes page for further information).


We are specialists in prescribing safe and effective exercise throughout each of the three trimesters, tailored to your changing body.


Known as the forth trimester, postnatal recovery is different for everyone and we can help you with safe and functional exercise rehabilitation.


Both pre and postnatally what you eat and when can make a world of difference to your energy levels and how you feel. It is so important to try and maximise your energy levels and boost your mood at this sensitive and tiring time.

However when it comes to nutrition you may find that time and motivation can work against you. MumFit can advise and support you with eating the right foods and supplements for both you and your growing baby. Hopefully this will make you feel more energised and motivated, starting a fresh new cycle of healthy eating.

We provide easy, fast, yet nutritious recipes to help you once the baby arrives and we also advise breastfeeding mothers on appropriate eating and drinking habits to ease the process and boost your milk supply. Postnatally we support steady, safe weight loss that will be achievable and sustainable longterm. Please contact us if you would like more information on our nutrition plans.

Mumfit really helped me get back into exercising after having my little boy. Charlie is excellent with her knowledge of what is safe to do when, whilst also encouraging you to get the most from the classes.

Helen Morton

Charlie is really friendly and listens to exactly what you want to get out of each session and your ultimate goal. I trained with Charlie from 5-37 weeks pregnant, thoroughly enjoyed every session and I was able to take what I had learned safely into my own gym sessions.

Victoria Buchanan

Business Owner, Didsbury

I was addicted to Mumfit from my first class. It combines some serious workout in a friendly atmosphere while my little one was with me. I lost my pregnancy weight and made some good mum-friends along the way  So if that’s what you want, look no further! Charlie is a wonderful trainer and very knowledgeable.

Chara Vrl

Best maternity class ever! Just wish it had been about before baby number 3! I tried all the typical baby groups but MumFit made me feel more human. So great to do proper exercise and meet new friends too. Charlie motivates everyone and is so lovely with the kids. Definitely a class to try!


Charlie is getting me back to fitness safely. I have lost 9kg (1.5 stone) already and I am loving the sessions. She tailors the program to my needs, listens to my concerns and even looks after the baby whilst I train! She has helped me regain confidence and built my baseline fitness up again.

Laura Cove-Smith

Consultant Oncologist, Chorlton

I’ve always loved circuit training so when I heard about Charlie’s MumFit class I was very keen. I had my reservations, as post-natal classes can often be a bit tame, but no need; it was amazing to feel my heart pounding in my chest again.


Your sessions are amazing, I took my son to the doctors exactly 3 weeks ago and I weighed 12st 4. I weighed my self today at the doctors and I was 11st 5. I’m a 100% sold, sign me up to Monday’s and Wednesday’s sessions next year.

Chloe Watkins

Teacher, Sale

The MumFit classes are fantastic as you get to socialise with other mums whilst exercising and there is someone to help keep an eye on the baby. I got enormous benefit from my PT sessions and felt she listened to exactly what I wanted, as well as being considerate to my particular postnatal circumstances.

Rebecca Houghton

GP, Northenden

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