I attended Mumfit classes during my first maternity leave and absolutely loved them! So much so that I started PT sessions with Charlie when I returned to work. After finding out I was pregnant again, Charlie was brilliant at taking into account how I might be feeling (especially during the first 12 weeks) and designed the sessions to fit with every stage of pregnancy. I trained until I was 36 weeks and I don’t think a single training session was the same. She made sure we did a variety of different exercises, working around an existing wrist injury. She makes training sessions fun but challenging & definitely worth it!! Cannot wait to get back to training with Charlie - if you are thinking about training with her, DO IT, you won’t regret it I promise!

Hannah B – Information Assurance Specialist, March 2021

I have just had a baby and was too unwell to exercise during pregnancy. I love playing sport and am desperate to get back to fitness. My aim is to play high level hockey again but I was scared to start exercising after a slightly rocky pregnancy and a second c-section. Charlie Taylor is getting me back to fitness safely. I have lost 9kg (1.5 stone) already and I am loving the sessions. She tailors the program to my needs, listens to my concerns and even looks after the baby whilst I train! She has helped me regain confidence and built my baseline fitness up again. There is still a long way to go but with her help I know I will get there.

Laura Cove-Smith

Best maternity class ever! Just wish it had been about before baby number 3! I tried all the typical baby groups but MumFit made me feel more human. So great to do proper exercise and meet new friends too. Charlie motivates everyone and is so lovely with the kids. Definitely a class to try!

Anna Marie McNicholas

I did Charlie's mumfit class with my daughter Lara from when she was just 2 months old right through to my return to work 10 months later. The class was exactly what I was looking for. It was great to be able to take Lara-she loved being with the other babies and was stimulated by the music and baby toys, which meant I could really enjoy doing something "for me". Other classes I had tried felt like watered down versions of exercise, whilst Charlie's class was at exactly the right level, and Charlie really helped me take it at the right pace for my fitness and stage of post-partum. I quickly started to see results, which was very encouraging. A definite highlight of my week during my maternity leave-would highly recommend!

Freya McAnally

Fantastic class. Charlie manages to achieve a lovely laid back friendly atmosphere at classes while making sure you are exercising safely and motivating you to fitness. I am probably fitter now than I was pre-pregnancy thanks to Charlie's help.

Kathryn Harvey

Woken up today with that lovely muscle ache that you get when you know you've had a great work out. Mumfit is a great circuits based class where you can work at your own pace. I feel like I'm exercising like I did pre-pregnancy now I've been coming for a while. It's the only class in the area that allows me to really push myself and bring along my daughter. She seems to love hanging out with all the other minis too!

Jennifer Hayes

Charlie has been such a wonderful Personal Trainer. I have always felt anxious about training in a small group as I worry that I will not be able to keep up. Charlie ensures everyone is challenged yet feels confident; the atmosphere at training is always one of fun and also hard work. My body has changed so much and I feel so much more toned - my main goal which Charlie ascertained at the onset of the training. During lockdown she has provided training via Zoom and this weekly session has been a lifesaver! It has kept me motivated and has been something I really look forward to each week. Thank you Charlie!

Katie K, Teacher, April 2021

I have been training one to one with Charlie for a year now. We have mainly done online sessions due to Covid restrictions. The great thing about Charlie is that every workout is completely different, no 2 workouts are ever the same. This makes every one of them rewarding, challenging and enjoyable. I actually really look forward to the sessions, however exhausting they are, and they motivate me to work hard between sessions as well for maximum results. Thank you Charlie for all your hard work keeping me strong and fit.

Anita B, Senior Physiotherpaist, March 2021

After 12 weeks of Charlie's Mumfit classes I feel almost back to my pre-pregnancy self again. The classes have a lovely laid-back atmosphere and yet afterwards you realise you have actually worked quite hard and start to see results after just a couple of weeks. The babies seem to love watching their mums build up a sweat too! Thanks again Charlie - now to try your evening classes!

Helen Lane

Mumfit really helped me get back into exercising after having my little boy. Charlie is excellent with her knowledge of what is safe to do when, whilst also encouraging you to get the most from the classes.

Helen Morton

As soon as I found out I was pregnant I wanted to ensure I was exercising safely, for both myself and my soon to be baby. After having a chat with Charlie I knew she was the antenatal personal trainer for me. Charlie is really friendly and listens to exactly what you want to get out of each session and your ultimate goal. I trained with Charlie from 5-37 weeks pregnant, thoroughly enjoyed every session and I was able to take what I had learned safely into my own gym sessions. Charlie was always on hand to offer advice on both exercise and nutrition whenever needed. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Victoria Buchanan

I've always loved circuit training so when I heard about Charlie's MumFit class I was very keen. I had my reservations, as post-natal classes can often be a bit tame, but no need; it was amazing to feel my heart pounding in my chest again. Now, that's not to say that if you weren't in to exercise before you were pregnant that this class isn't for you, oh no, the great thing about Charlie is she gives you an low/mid/high impact option depending on your level of fitness. No-one looks at you funny if you choose the low option we're all a bit busy getting sweaty/feeding our babies/giving them a cuddle/or having a rest. I'd recommend Charlie's classes to any post-natal mum whether you've exercised in the past or not. They are fun, friendly and get you out the house!

Lisa Moreton

I started Mumfit postnatal group sessions after my second child 4 years ago. I loved these classes. Charlie is friendly, knowledgeable and adapts the classes to the individual ability of those in the class. Since then I have gone on to do regular small group and 1:1 sessions with Charlie. 4 years on I still love the sessions. I look forward to them each week. The small group sessions are lovely, friendly and fun. Thanks to Charlie I feel the fittest I’ve ever been and I leave every session feeling positive and happy. I can’t recommend Charlie’s sessions highly enough.

Kathryn M, GP, February 2021

MumFit Pregnancy PT sessions with Charlie was one of my favourite parts of being pregnant! From about half way through my pregnancy to 37 weeks I had regular sessions with Charlie. Babies safety was of the upmost importance, I always had to be able to talk while performing the exercises. Charlie was brilliant at setting the circuits to just the right level, I could feel my body getting stronger but knew we were in safe hands. Nothing feels more empowering that being 37 weeks pregnant and doing kettle bell squats and boxing drills! I now have a beautiful 4 month old daughter and thanks largely to Charlie's sessions after giving birth I had no abdominal splitting or pelvic floor problems. I would 100% recommend Charlie to prepare yourself for birth and beyond, not only is she a great trainer but she is a lovely caring person too, I'm so glad a friend recommended her to me.

Louise S – Vet, 2020

I was addicted to Mumfit from my first class. It combines some serious workout in a friendly atmosphere while my little one was with me. I lost my pregnancy weight and made some good mum-friends along the way So if that’s what you want, look no further! Charlie is a wonderful trainer and very knowledgeable. I miss my Mumfit dose now that I’ve returned to work but I have so many good memories.

Chara Vrl

Having done both the MumFit classes and 1:1 personal training with Charlie, I honestly couldn’t recommend her more. The MumFit classes are fantastic as you get to socialise with other mums whilst exercising and there is someone to help keep an eye on the baby. I got enormous benefit from my PT sessions and felt she listened to exactly what I wanted, as well as being considerate to my particular postnatal circumstances. My exercise confidence was low after having a baby but Charlie has helped rebuild it (and I shed weight and body fat in the process). I now feel ready for a return to CrossFit, my pre-pregnancy love – all round win!

Rebecca Houghton

Today was my last class before I return to work tomorrow. This is my second maternity leave and it's fair to say I have attended most postnatal exercise classes and baby classes in the south Manchester area. This class has been my favourite of all of them, can't recommend it enough. It's challenging, enjoyable and perfect to help you get back into shape post baby. If you have had your fill of sitting in a community centre singing wind the bobbin up, and have bought all the 30min shred DVDs Amazon has to offer, come to this class!

Celia Hogan

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